Salem Saturday Farmer’s Market
Posted On: April 10th, 2012

<h1>Salem Saturday Farmer’s Market: And We’re Off!</h1>

Cha Meng Family Farm was at the Salem Saturday Farmer’s Market last Saturday! The sun was out. Our early tulips looked great! It was cold in the morning, but the sun warmed us up pretty good once it came out. Our tulips were lovin’ it! They began to open up when the sun hit them. Such happy flowers deserve to go home and make other homes even brighter and happier!

Salem Saturday Farmer's Market

<h2>The States Journal Caught Us On Camera at the Salem Saturday Farmer’s Market!</h2>

We were happy to see new and old faces! Don’t forget to check out the States Journal that¬†took ¬†quick snap at us. The season is just getting started. We hope to see more of you!

Read the Statesman Journal Article.

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